Nafisa M Bedri 2018.jpg

Nafisa Bedr

An experienced professor, researcher, and regional trainer in the field of gender, reproductive health, management, and policy analysis skills, she has written and developed several publications and training materials in these fields.

Carried out several research projects at national and regional levels in the area of gender and women, reproductive and child‘s health for different agencies including the WHO, UNFPA, UNICEF & UNAIDS among others. She’s worked with institutions in regions such as Yemen and Egypt and internationally such as Manchester, Portsmouth (UK), Ohio (USA), Bergen (Norway), and Maastricht (Netherlands) Universities.

Professor Bedr is also an activist in the area of women's reproductive and sexual rights, maternal and child health, violence against women, girl child marriage, female genital mutilation and HIV/AIDS. She also acts as a regional consultant in gender based violence, gender and HIV/AIDS, integration of gender and rights in reproductive health systems and in gender analysis of health services and training.