Privacy Policy

Women Leaders in Global Health (WLGH) 2018 Privacy Policy

We are writing to explain how WLGH will process your personal data in two ways:

A.    To allow LSHTM to run the 2018 WLGH Conference; and

B.    To share your data with other organisations for future WLGH conferences and activities, including mentoring.

A.    WLGH Conference 2018 run by LSHTM

LSHTM is running the WLGH conference in 2018, and will need to process some of your data to do so.  LSHTM will use your data in accordance with its Privacy Notice for Events.

In particular, please note the following:

1.     Unless you tell us not to, LSHTM will collect your name, job title and your affiliated organisation’s name.  LSHTM will publish these data in conference materials, to help you with networking at the conference.*

2.     LSHTM will collect photos, audio and video of the 2018 conference to: live-stream images to participants in other locations; create and publish a historical record of the event; report the event in internal and external media (such as social media, newspapers and journals); and promote the work of WLGH, which may include sharing these media with other WLGH partners so that they can also promote WLGH.*

3.     LSHTM will collect gender and nationality information for the development of the Mentoring Breakfast event on 9 November 2018, to manage ticket categories, to review engagement and manage reporting .**

4.     LSHTM will collect your payment information if you personally are paying for your place.**

5.     LSHTM will aggregate your personal data into anonymised statistics to analyse how attendees engaged with the conference, and to inform the development of WLGH in future years.

* LSHTM will hold this information for three years after the 2018 conference, and then transfer it to LSHTM’s archive.  Some photos will be placed into the public domain including photos published in paper and digital media, and social media.  Once published, LSHTM will have limited control over their future use.

** This information will be held for a maximum of three months after the WLGH Conference 2018.

If you have any concerns about these uses of your data, or if you want to exercise your data privacy rights in relation to WLGH 2018, please contact

B.    Sharing your data with future WLGH hosts, and carefully selected partners

Women Leaders in Global Health is not just an innovative conference but also a network committed to building lasting change in global health leadership.  This will be achieved through:

1.     partnership with organisations that share the vision, commitment and interests of WLGH;

2.     future conferences, hosted on a rotating basis by partner organisations; and

3.     mentoring through the Mentoring Working Group network.

We will only share your name, job information and contact details with these people and/or organisations if you consent to us doing so.