I pledge to foster and promote women’s leadership in global health and to strive for gender equity in all discussions and decisions in global health.

As such, I commit to hold myself accountable in my efforts to advance the cause of women’s leadership in global health through the following actions:

  1. Increase visibility: Ensure gender balance when organizing events, panels, roundtables, guest lecturers and/or reading lists. (See Women in Global Health's organizer checklist.)
  2. Lift women up the ladder: Systematically include women in such activities as invited manuscripts, book chapters, grant reviews and award nominations.
  3. Advocate for work-life balance: Foster an organizational culture and establish norms that support men and women in balancing demanding careers with responsibilities outside the workplace. Create indicators to monitor progress.
  4. Promote career advancement: Report on and increase transparency of data on compensation and salaries to understand and eradicate the gender pay gap.
  5. Cultivate thought leadership: Organize an event, workshop or training to discuss the issue of gender-equal leadership in the organization, from a brown-bag for staff to a public event. Use an intersectional lens to incorporate the needs of all, including members of the LGBTQI community and people of color.
  6. Address the gender data gap: Improve data collection and tracking of the challenges women confront in seeking leadership roles across sectors. Ensure the disaggregation and analysis of data by gender in all research.